gary wickham, owner of Pacific Coast Inspection Services

Gary Wickham

Owner of Pacific Coast Inspection, Gary Wickham is a Certified Professional Inspector and a Certified Indoor Air Quality Consultant. A veteran of more than 3000 Home Inspections and more than 1100 Mold Inspections. Much like the famous insurance company, YOU WILL BE IN GOOD HANDS WITH PACIFIC COAST INSPECTION SERVICES.

Susan Kish, office manager of Pacific Coast Inspection Services

Susan Kish

Pacific Coast Inspections office manager. What sets Susan truly apart is not only her ability to make things run smoothly is the fact that she is also a Certified Professional Inspector and A Certified Professional Environmental Inspector. We not only rely on her to keep the office on an even keel, it is her we turn to when there are jobs that must be done without delay.

David Baxter

David Baxter

David Baxter is the latest addition to our staff of professional inspectors. He possesses all the skills and experience necessary to perform an inspection that will deliver all the requirements of safety needed for your family’s and for your financial protection as well. Our motto is, “You deserve the best. Don’t settle for less.” David delivers what you deserve.

David Baxter

Ezra ‘Grandpa’ Stowe

Ezra Stowe is the consummate professional. He sets a standard of quality and knowledge that might possibly be equaled in the industry, but will never be surpassed. He loves working with people and takes the protection of you and your family, both financially and safetywise very seriously. There are no unwanted surprises when Ezra is on the job.

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After an accident in 2002 which badly damaged his knees, Gary Wickham decided to put over 35 year of experience to good use. Unable to perform the necessary tasks required in construction and remodeling, he founded Pacific Coast Inspection Services.

Early on, a decision was made that the only way to compete in an already crowded field, was to provide unequaled customer service. Price was only a small consideration, placing the need for quality above all else. It was decided that the main focus should be on preventing surprises, and that has become our specialty.

Typically, the home inspection is performed for the buyer of a home. The time frame is normally after the house is in escrow and the buyer has a limited window in which to change his mind or to renegotiate the price or terms of purchase. That is where the professional, experienced home inspector comes into the picture. The last thing the purchaser needs in a major purchase is to discover that the heating or air conditioning does not work or the roof needs to be replaced, and making that discovery after the contingency period has expired.

We carefully evaluate all aspects of the home, especially the major items. We make a detailed, photographic record of the inspection which is included in our report. When the inspection is complete, a report is prepared and emailed to the client within 24 hours. In addition, we prepare a bound hard copy of the report which is mailed to the client.

In our report, we place a heavy emphasis on the potential problems so that the client can make an informed decision on whether to finally consummate the purchase, or to renegotiate the price or the terms of the purchase.

We understand that the buyer relies on us to provide them with the best information possible. That is our job and we take the job very seriously. Protecting someone’s money is an awesome responsibility and we are up to the task.

As a buyer, you are entitled to our best effort. You should never settle for less.

In 2005 we expanded our services to include both commercial inspections and environmental inspections. Our commercial inspections have become second to none in scope and in quality. Buyers of commercial properties have come to rely on us for all of their inspection needs.

When Gary Wickham decided that environmental inspections would become a major part of our future, he undertook to become an expert in the field. Environmental inspections include lead, asbestos, and mold. We are the premier mold inspectors in the industry, serving the needs of home owners and mold remediation companies as well.

“We do it all! We do it better, we do it faster, we do it for less money.” Gary Wickham, owner and founder of Pacific Coast Inspection Services.